The consortium of ARAMiS II consists of leading OEMs in the domains automotive, avionics and industrial automation including their suppliers as well as software & tool vendors and renowned research organizations.

OEMs and Suppliers

OEMS and their suppliers in the domains automotive, avionics and industrial automation contribute the ARAMiS II use cases and requirements. They also support with their dedicated expertise and tools used internally. They mainly contribute to the platform concepts and implement the demonstrators. Integrating this group in the consortium makes sure that the approaches and results are applicable in real world systems. 




Software / Tool Suppliers

The ARAMiS II consortium includes important tool and software suppliers engaged in the development of multicore-based systems. They contribute their expertise in the development processes, which are supported by their tools as well as their detailed knowledge on the capabilities and interfaces of wide-spread industrial platforms that are supported by their software and tools.

Contributed software/tools from the participating partners being in the focus of ARAMiS II:

AbsInt: aiT, TimingProfiler, Astrée


ElektroBit: EB tresos product line

Silexica: SLX Tools (FPGA, C/C++ and Scheduling)

SYMTA VISION: SymTA/S, TraceAnalyzer


Timing Architects: TA Tool Suite

VECTOR: PREEvision, DaVinci Configurator


Research Organizations

The ARAMiS II research partners have a detailed knowledge on the relevant state of the art in research. They contribute to the definition of the approach for the overall multicore development process. Another important aspect is their scientific assessment of interfaces and approaches of the software / tools. They also support the software/tool manufacturers in integrating the research results. Furthermore they provide own tools and prototype platforms.