September 20, 2019 at Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart

Just before the official project end, the ARAMiS II partners presented their results in a public final event in Stuttgart. The presentations and exhibition of the demonstrators were well visited.

In the presentation part of the event, the participants learned about the challenges addressed by ARAMiS II: The objective was to support the development of multicore technology for safety-critical applications in automotive, avionics and industry automation. The project partners then presented their joint results: the generic multicore development process, methods and tools as well as industrial platforms. In the breaks, the participants had the opportunity to visit the demonstrators of the nine use cases. The project partners and the funding agencies agreed: ARAMiS II provides the basis for the future broad use of multicore systems in safety critical applications.


Presentations for Download (German)

The presentations of the ARAMiS II partners are available for download:

  • ARAMiS II Motivation and Overview (pdf)

Model-based Multicore Software Development in ARAMiS II:

  • Development Process (pdf)
  • Tool Interoperability and Exchange Formats (pdf)
  • Methods and Tools (pdf)
  • Platforms (pdf)
  • Presentation of Use Cases (pdf)

Assessment and Outlook:

  • Assessment w.r.t. Requirements Analysis (pdf)
  • Exploitation Opportunities in Automotive, Avionics and Industry Automation (pdf)
  • Summary and Outlook (pdf)