ARAMiS II Multicore Konferenz 2018

June 21, 2018 at Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart

After the first half of the project duration, the consortium presented the project and the latest achievements in a public "ARAMiS II Multicore Konferenz" at Vector Informatik GmbH in Stuttgart. The event was well visited by about 100 participants.

Presentations and Download

The presentations of the ARAMiS II partners are available for download:

  • ARAMiS II Project Overview (pdf)

Model-based Multicore Software Development in ARAMiS II:

  • Development Process (pdf)
  • Methods and Tools (pdf)
  • Platforms (pdf)

Use Cases in ARAMiS II:

  • Automotive Powertrain (pdf)
  • Aircraft Engine Control (pdf)
  • Automotive e-Mobility (pdf)